How much does information on the Dark Web cost and how to protect yourself?

August 12, 2022

The Dark Web is undoubtedly one of the corners of the Internet that generates more curiosity on the part of users and is a place that we do NOT recommend visiting, you have nothing to do there and remember that your safety is important, now, while it is true, it is likely that many users who have not taken care of their information and have been victims of cybercriminals, now have their information for sale on portals within the Dark Web and, to help you become aware of this and take more care of the security of your information, let’s see what are the prices of this information within the Dark Web based on studies made by Kaspersky Lab and NordVPN.

Differences between Deep Web and Dark Web

Users often confuse these two terms, so let’s take a brief look at their differences.

The Deep Web encompasses all the non-indexed resources that exist, from intranets of academies, universities and schools to documents that, for privacy reasons, are not available to anyone and do not necessarily have to be illegitimate.

Now, the Dark Web is within the Deep Web, because it is not indexed in common search engines such as Google or Bing, but unlike the Deep Web, in the Dark Web there is illegitimate and illegal content, all this content is hosted in DarkNets.

So the difference is that the Deep Web is all the non-indexed resources, legitimate or not, and the Dark Web is that part of the Deep Web where only illegitimate resources are taken into account and where you should not enter.

Information prices on the Dark Web

Based on the studies we analyzed, we can determine the following:

According to the study conducted by Kaspersky Lab, we can see that they put a lot of emphasis on the user to protect their public information (something vital) and, if we talk about prices, we can appreciate an approximate in this infographic.

Now, according to the NordVPN study, we find the information classified by Documents, Emails, Miscellaneous Accounts and Finances, within each category we can see how the price of each asset varies mainly by country, something very curious.

Recommendations to reduce the likelihood of information leakage

The most basic thing is to execute basic security measures, good passwords, multiple authentication factors and periodically check if any credential was leaked to change it immediately, keep in mind that, as you register in online services, the more services they are, the higher the probability that some of them suffer a security incident and the information found in them (including your data) can be leaked, so as a suggestion, if you are going to register in many services, do not do it with an email address that handles critical information.

In addition, having a high cybersecurity awareness and using common sense can really increase your internet security, since you are protecting the most vulnerable part of all, your human side, remember that common sense is the least common of all, understand that on the internet there are people who make a living committing crimes and that your information is very valuable so protect it.


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