Alternatives to HackTheBox for Learning Cybersecurity

September 29, 2022

When users passionate about cybersecurity are looking for a platform to reinforce and learn new skills, many often choose to go directly to HackTheBox, This is why the platform today already has more than one million users but, there are many more alternatives to this platform to continue learning cybersecurity and below we will see some of them.


This platform has many challenges and challenges, it is really a very undervalued platform because it provides a very community approach, that is, the same platform allows you to talk within it with other users so that everyone can support and learn from each other.

Offensive Security Labs

This is the official platform of Offensive Security, the company that currently maintains Kali Linux, so, at the level of recognition, we can say that it has much more than HackTheBox, now, speaking of challenges, these are machines that start from VulnHub, created by the company’s own people or independent creators, because this company pays you if you send a machine that you make and they approve it to upload it to their platform.


Let’s say that this is the largest machine library in the world, basically because almost anyone can upload a machine or challenge, which makes it easy to have a lot of them, and on top of that, free, although it has been a long time since new machines and challenges have been added, besides, as they are free and do not offer a VPN connection to an internal network to practice, you will need to download the machines and install them, for example, locally, using a type 2 hypervisor to start practicing, such as VirtualBox.


On this website, the dynamic changes quite a bit, as it’s not so much a question of boot2root machines, but mostly technical challenges that have to do with cybersecurity or merely operating systems, which, for those who are just starting out, can be interesting.


This platform was very relevant in its day, not for nothing now has more than one million users, however over time, has been somewhat forgotten, in it you will also find challenges to learn cybersecurity, although as a recommendation, you could use it as a complementary platform to one that you already use mainly.


Although this is not an online platform, it is a project based on a web application that you can download and deploy on an operating system, for example virtualizing it in VirtualBox or VMware, this application has many intentional security flaws so that users can better understand how these failures occur and, so that in their day to day work, they can better manage to improve the security of web applications for their customers.


If HackTheBox were Vegeta, TryHackMe would be Goku, users tend to compare them, but they are very different paradigms when it comes to teaching cybersecurity, really TryHackMe if you are starting can be interesting because of its wide range of free resources, between machines to solve, challenges and guides, yes, you will have to read a lot.

In conclusion, HackTheBox is not the only platform for learning cybersecurity available. There are really many more than the ones we saw in this article, at the end of the day, the most important thing is to never stop learning, since, in cybersecurity, learning every day is non-negotiable.

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